<b>Tri Axle Dump Trucks x 2</b><b>Single Axle Dump Truck</b><b>320 Excavator with hammer and root rake attachment</b><b>Skid Steers</b><br />Tire and track options<b>Loader</b><b>Rock Truck</b><br />Available for rental or on the job site

We have a fleet of well maintained heavy equipment.

  • Tri axle dump trucks-with pup trailer

  • Single axle dump truck

  • Rock truck

  • Skid steers-track and tire

  • Mini excavators

  • Excavators

  • Loader

  • Hammer attachments for excavators

  • Root rake attachment for excavator

We were exceptionally pleased with the work done for us by Valley Landscaping & Excavating. They worked in a very small space with little disruption to anyone. When they were finished everything was cleaned up and we were ready to plant the grass. The best part was they came when they were supposed to,do what we wanted and didn't charge a fortune!

I would highly recommend them to anyone as being a great company to deal with.

G.H Mattawatchan, ON