<b>Tri Axle Dump Trucks x 2</b><b>Single Axle Dump Truck</b><b>320 Excavator with hammer and root rake attachment</b><b>Skid Steers</b><br />Tire and track options<b>Loader</b><b>Rock Truck</b><br />Available for rental or on the job site

We have a fleet of well maintained heavy equipment.

  • Tri axle dump trucks-with pup trailer

  • Single axle dump truck

  • Rock truck

  • Skid steers-track and tire

  • Mini excavators

  • Excavators

  • Loader

  • Hammer attachments for excavators

  • Root rake attachment for excavator

Thank you for excellent friendly service, repairing errors that we inherited from a previous contractor. Next time we'll call you first and get the job done right the first time!

L.H Douglas, ON