Founded and managed by Alex Brown, Valley Landscaping & Excavating Ltd. was established in 2005.  He brings over 20 years of experience and expertise allowing Valley Landscaping & Excavating to perform top quality jobs.  Our company originated and still exists in Douglas, Ontario.  We provide services to all areas in the Ottawa Valley.  We offer a variety of services for all types of clients and we promise to treat you and your property with respect.

When it comes to getting bids for a project, not all bids are created equal. Often when there is a big difference in price there is also a difference in quality. Believe it or not, not all contractors are concerned about quality. Some contractors will say one thing and then cut every corner possible to get the job done, or worse not even finish the job. At Valley Landscaping & Excavating we are focused on building a reputation of quality and customer satisfaction and we are more than happy to work within a budget. We can modify the types of materials used or suggest more cost efficient options to bring down cost without sacrificing the quality of workmanship in order to stay within your budget.  We want to earn your business and will address any other quotations you receive.

Valley Landscaping & Excavating is committed to providing a high quality job and to be there after the job is completed to make sure you are satisfied.

Why Choose Valley Landscaping & Excavating?

  • No Shortcuts - we use quality materials and time-tested installation techniques on every job to ensure your project comes out just right the first time!
  • We Return Phone Calls Promptly - we understand that regular communication with our clients is an important part of any building project.
  • Professional & Courteous - our staff arrives at your home or business professionally dressed, ready to answer questions and provide the courteous service you deserve.
  • Fully Insured and Properly Financed - we're in business for the long haul
Tri Axle Dump Trucks x 2

We have a fleet of well maintained heavy equipment.

  • Tri axle dump trucks-with pup trailer
  • Single axle dump truck
  • Rock truck
  • Skid steers-track and tire
  • Mini excavators
  • Excavators
  • Loader
  • Hammer attachments for excavators
  • Root rake attachment for excavator
Landscaping was the final stage of a two-year renovation to turn our summer cottage into a year-round home. Meristemdesigns provided us with the plans that would turn the mess resulting from the installation of a new septic system into a beautiful low-maintenance garden.    We needed a landscaping contractor that would bring our plan to life.Valley Landscaping & Excavating were able to do just that. Our project was a big one – retaining walls were needed to contain the new septic system. Pathways, around two sides of the house and from the driveway to a side entrance had to be installed. New gravel for the driveway was required. 
Over the two years of our renovations, delays by various contractors without much communication were very frustrating to us. Alex knew that and was very sensitive to the importance of keeping us informed, making sure that we knew when he was going to be on-site and keeping us up-to-date on the timing of the various stages. His expertise ensured that we chose the best material for the pathways that would properly integrate with our natural surroundings. He anticipated our desire to self install an underground sprinkler system so that could be accomplished in time for the delivery of fill. Alex made sure that our project was completed in time for a large open house we had planned and this was especially appreciated (even if the rainy weather that day was not!). The site was left clean and his employees were polite and considerate at all times.
It is our pleasure to recommend Valley Landscaping & Excavating for any project. The result has been amazing and we have received many compliments about our home and his work.
L.W Calabogie, ON